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Although it started as a bit of fun for staff and customers at The Local Taphouse beer bars back in 2008, today the GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers poll has grown to become, as Australian Brews News describes it, ‘the largest and most influential people’s choice poll in the land’. 

Now also running in New Zealand, the poll engages hundreds of breweries and many thousands of beer lovers across both countries, as well as some of the best craft beer venues who host countdown events. It's become a true celebration of the booming craft beer industry, and a snapshot of the styles, trends and breweries shaping craft beer in any given year - information that then guides consumers and retailers in their own buying decisions.

In addition to the Hottest 100 Craft Beers, lists will also be announced for the Hottest New Beers and Hottest Indie Beers for both Australia and New Zealand.


Here's how to get involved.



Register your beers for the poll


Make your voice heard and pick your faves


Encourage your fans to vote (and maybe win!)


Host a Hottest 100 Countdown Party


Join us to present the Hottest 100 poll



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Nominate your eligible beers.

Be part of the most exciting craft beer polls in Australia and New Zealand!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Click the AUSSIE or KIWI button below to start the registration

  2. Provide contact details for your key people (including marketing contact)

  3. Enter the name and style (from drop-down) of your eligible beers (see terms below)

  4. Submit by Mon 10 Dec 2018 (AUS) or Mon 17 Dec 2018 (NZ) to ensure your beers are in the poll

No logins or passwords are required so anyone on your team can complete the submission.

Please make sure you add all beers that were available in 2018… you’d be amazed at how many beer fans will want to vote for even your smallest releases! Please note that if we receive requests from people wanting to vote for a beer you haven’t listed, we will ask you to add this, or we will add it ourselves.

As well as the being in the running for the Hottest 100 list, your beers may also be eligible for our sublists - the ‘GABS Hottest Indie Beers’ and ‘GABS Hottest New Beers’.

Finally, a reminder of the terms and conditions to keep in mind.


VOTING. Only one vote (for five different beers) is permitted per person, and a valid email address must be submitted for each vote to be counted. GABS reserves the right to remove votes, or voting behaviour, that appear to break this rule, be manufactured, or we deem to be false or not in the spirit of the poll. Voting for the Aussie poll closes at 11.59pm AEST on Friday 18 January 2019 and for the Kiwi poll at 11.59pm NZDT on Monday 28 January 2019.

ELIGIBILITY. Beers must have been brewed in Australia (for the Aussie poll) or New Zealand (for the Kiwi poll) and sold in kegs, cans or bottles in the 2018 calendar year.

CRAFT STATUS. Australian or New Zealand beer brands deemed by GABS as ‘non-craft’ (eg. Crown Lager, Steinlager) are ineligible. International craft brands brewed in Australia or New Zealand (eg. Brooklyn Brewery, Goose Island, Lagunitas) are also ineligible. 

OWNERSHIP. Australian or New Zealand craft brands brewed by multinational companies or supermarket chains (eg. Matilda Bay, James Squire, Little Creatures, Cricketers Arms, Mountain Goat, 4 Pines, Feral, Steamrail, Boundary Road and Monteith's) are eligible. Due to the common ownership of GABS and Stomping Ground Brewing Co, beers produced by Stomping Ground are currently ineligible.

INCENTIVES. No brands or breweries other than GABS are permitted to offer prizes, incentives or inducements of any value in exchange for votes for beers, or promote the poll in a way that could be perceived as such. Brands and breweries are not permitted to ask for proof of votes. 

Any breaches of the above terms, intentional or otherwise, will lead to the brand/brewery and/or voter being disqualified. GABS’ decision on all matters related to the integrity of the poll is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Any issues, please email Craig at




Make your vote count.

Be sure to vote for your own beers (as well as any other favourites) at

Every voter also has the opportunity to win tickets for them and ten mates to GABS Beer, Cider & Food Festival in 2019. And in the Aussie poll, voters can also win a mixed case of 24 of the Hottest 100 beers plus a free membership to The Crafty Cabal.

Voting for the Aussie poll closes on Friday 18 January 2019, and the Kiwi poll on Monday 28 January 2019.




Encourage your fans to vote.

We’ve saved a bunch of marketing assets for you to help spread the word. Please feel free to download and use as you like. Ideas include:

- Print and display the GABS Hottest 100 poster (can be printed up to A0 size)

- Update your Facebook cover photo (Vote Now and Vote For Us versions available)

- Share the campaign on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (images and draft posts in the folder)

- Add an email signature and link to your team’s emails (eSignature available)

- Or feel free to design your own campaign using the official GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers logo

Our official hashtag is #Hottest100Beers. Please tag away (and encourage your fans as well) to be part of the conversation. 

Please note though that no incentives or inducements for voting can be offered. This is to ensure a fair playing field amongst breweries, and is strictly enforced.



H100 social pics (1500px).png

Host a Hottest 100 Countdown event.

On Sun 27 Jan (AUS) and Sat 2 Feb (NZ), craft beer fans can follow the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers official countdowns at events around each country, supported by live podcasts and social media.

If you're a craft beer bar, venue or brewpub, be part of the fun by hosting a countdown event, and we'll help promote it!

Even better, we'll also give every venue who registers a Hottest 100 countdown event two tickets to GABS Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland in 2019.

We've also got a few fun activations planned that you might like to incorporate in your event...


A livestreamed social media feed where people all over the country will be encouraged to share photos of themselves enjoying Australian and New Zealand craft beer during the countdowns. This weblink can be easily displayed on any screen or device that can show a live webpage (eg. Apple TV, ChromeCast or internet enabled TV).


This year, we’ve got a whole new game for your punters to play as they follow along with the countdown. Introducing Hottest 100 Beers Bingo! In the week leading up to the countdown, you’ll be able to download five different Bingo Cards below which you can print for your patrons to use. As the countdown progresses, punters cross off the correct beers as they appear. First one to complete their card yells BINGO! Prizes at your discretion.

Here’s what to do...

Decide what you’d like to do on the day and register your interest below by Mon 14 Jan (AUS) or Mon 21 Jan (NZ).

We’ll list your event on the Hottest 100 webpage, and help promote your event to our extensive audience (although we do very much rely on you to promote the event to your fans as well).

And closer to the day, we’ll email you the Social Screen link, Bingo Game and a blank Hottest 100 Results Poster if you want to fill in the results live.

After the event, we’ll also email you a link to a designed Results Poster if you would like to display this as well.





Join us in celebration of great craft beer.

More than any other beer awards, the ‘people’s choice’ nature of the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers poll makes it an incredible platform to engage craft beer lovers around Australia and New Zealand. 

We’d love to chat to you about partnership opportunities as we grow the poll further in the years ahead.


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