Banking Details

So that we can pay you for your beer or cider (see FAQs here for prices), all brewers are asked to provide their bank details via the form below. GABS will then self generate Tax Invoices for breweries, and full payment for your Festival Beer and/or Cider (after any deductions) will be made within 28 days after your last GABS event. Any account enquiries can be addressed to accounts@gabs.beer.

Sale Or Return

As per the FAQs here, all Festival Beers & Ciders are purchased on a sale-or-return basis.  Any full and untapped kegs of your Festival Beer or Cider will be made available for collection from either our Melbourne or Sydney warehouse (for beers & ciders served at the Australian events) or Auckland warehouse (for beers & ciders served at GABS Auckland). It’s then your responsibility to collect those kegs by the collection deadline. Please select your preferred pickup location for the Australian kegs via the form below.

NZ Customs Client Code

As we’ll be bringing your beer into Australia, we’ll need your New Zealand Customs Service Client Code for export. If you know your Client Code, please include on the form via the link below. If you don’t already have a code, please click here to apply.

Name *
Preferred collection location? *
If we have full and untapped kegs of your Festival Beer and/or Cider left over from our Australian events, which city would you, or your distributor, prefer to pick up from?