We’re adding more Festival Beers & Ciders.

In line with our vision to introduce as many people as possible to a large and diverse range of craft beers and ciders from the best breweries and cideries across Australia and New Zealand, GABS is introducing a third container bar at GABS Melbourne and Sydney, giving us capacity to serve up to an incredible 180 Festival Beers and Ciders made especially for the event.


We’re introducing a sale-or-return model.

To support this expansion, and allow for more of Australia and New Zealand’s best craft breweries and cideries to make a Festival Beer or Cider, GABS is introducing a sale-or-return model for Festival Beer and Cider kegs (more info below).


Registrations are now on a first come, first served basis.

We want to give the entire Australian and New Zealand craft beer and cider industry the same opportunity to show off their creativity with a Festival Beer or Cider, so we no longer provide first rights to previous registrants. Registrations of interest will be considered on a first come, first served basis.