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Move In
Exhibitor Move In: Friday 8 May | 9am - 7pm
Custom Stand Build: Thursday 7 May | 12pm - 7pm

Contact Julie Walsh if you’re planning a custom stand build to discuss. A custom stand is considered anything that involves a unique build without standard booth walls.

GABS Brisbane
Saturday 9 May
Session 1: 11.30am - 4.30pm
Session 2: 6.30pm - 11.30pm

Move Out
Sunday 10 May | 8am - 1pm


Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Halls 3 & 4
Merivale Street & Glenelg Street
South Brisbane
QLD 4101

Bump in access via Glenelg Street Entrance, Hall 4 Loading Dock. Please bring hi-vis vests and report to the Exhibitor Check-In Desk at arrival.


Exhibitors receive a discounted daily rate of $17 at the venue car park, which can be redeemed at the pay stations with an event specific QR code. The code will be sent out 4 weeks before the event.


Exhibitor Operations
Julie Walsh
Melbourne Event Resources
+61 (0) 402 621 544

General Enquiries
Ruta Marcinkus (GABS)
+61 (0) 3 9267 491

Stand Furniture & Power
Exhibitor Services Department
+61 (0)2 9645 7000



In preparation for GABS, you will need to provide the following details via the Phase 1 and 2 forms. The links to the forms will be sent to you two weeks before it is due.



Your Business Info
Business and bank details for your stand sales rebate.

PL Insurance
A copy of your Public Liability certificate of currency (minimum $10m). Please ensure you advise your underwriter of the dates and location(s) of GABS.



Point-of-Sale Menu
Tell us what products you will be selling and at what prices. This info is used for your POS and our festival app. 

If you’re organising a stock delivery for your stand, let us know the products and quantities you’re sending.

You can supply two pieces of merch to be sold from the GABS Merch Stand. If you’d like to sell merch, let us what items and prices.

Stand Orders
Will you need a trestle table with black cloth, ice bucket or and any ice?

Staff RSAs
All staff serving alcohol at GABS Brisbane must have a valid nationally accredited RSA Statement of Attainment (similar to this one here featuring a code SITHFAB and a 'Nationally Accredited' logo).

Exhibitors must provide Statement of Attainment certificates for each staff member. Victorian RSAs are unfortunately not valid in Queensland.




  • 2.4m high back wall and 1m side support walls. Stand walls are velcro receptive, please use ‘hook’ velcro to attach decor to the walls.

  • Light on the back wall.

  • 4 amp power point per 3x3m footprint.

  • Fascia sign with your stand name.

  • POS terminal - iPad with Square reader.

  • Hand wash kit.

  • Trestle table with black skirting (if requested).

  • Tub for packed beer or cider (if requested).

  • Acceptance and storage of stock in a refrigerated storage container.

  • Two 5kg bags of complimentary ice. Additional ice can be ordered for $2.50 per bag.

  • One 10L cask of water. Additional casks may be ordered for $10 each.

  • Supply of 85mL sample cups.

  • Crew tickets:
    3x3m stand - 4 tickets
    6x3m stand - 8 tickets


Not included:

  • Additional furniture & power, if required please get in touch with Exponet.

  • Tap system, if you would like to hire a tap system, we recommend the following suppliers.

  • Beer jugs, please bring your own if required for pouring into 85ml sample cups.

  • Stand decor.

  • Stand set up and pack down. The GABS team will only set up the listed stand inclusions.


You are welcome to use your allocated space to create, well, whatever you like! If you’re planning something outside the ordinary, contact Julie Walsh to discuss. A custom stand is considered anything that involves a unique build without standard booth walls.

The most impressive and engaging stand will win a free stand of the same size at GABS 2021. Read more about the Best in Show award here.

If you’re looking for a custom stand build designer, here is list of recommended suppliers.


Things to consider:

  • Stand wall configuration.

  • Floor loading and infrastructure weighting.

  • Power and lighting requirements.

  • Potential engineering permits, depending on the structure or display.

Julie will assist you with the above and organise a set move in time for you if required.


Not allowed:

  • All furniture must be contained within the stand footprint. Absolutely nothing may be placed on the aisles.

  • If you’re bringing a vehicle, it must fit within the stand footprint.

  • Materials used must not be readily ignitable, all materials must be fire retardant.

  • Materials used must not be capable of emitting toxic fumes should ignition occur.



To do:

  • Order additional power if required. You will receive one 4amp power point per 3x3m.

  • Test and Tag all equipment (including leads & powerboards). Test and tagging team will be onsite during Move In to assist.

Not to do:

  • Use of double adaptors is strictly prohibited.


  • Organise all deliveries (stock, stand equipment, merch) to be delivered on Friday 8 May between 8am - 5pm.

  • Kegs must be labelled with company name and product name so that they can be easily identified.

  • You don’t need to be onsite to accept your delivery, our team will receive it.

Clearly label all deliveries with your Stand Name & Number and address to:

ATT: Julie Walsh (GABS)
+61 402 621 544
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Halls 3 & 4
Merivale Street & Glenelg Street
South Brisbane, QLD 4101


Stock requirements vary depending on the stand. Bigger stands (eg. Garage Project or Balter) can serve 6-8 kegs, while newer breweries at smaller stands might serve 2-3 kegs at GABS Brisbane. It’s always safer to slightly overestimate than be caught short.



  • Label all stock deliveries with company name and product name so that it can be easily identified.

  • Once the stock is received on Friday it will be placed in our refrigerated storage container overnight.

  • Your stock will be brought out to your stand with your ice order (if requested) on Saturday morning by 10am.

  • You’re welcome to sell your Festival Beer or Cider from your stand. You’ll need to organise these kegs for your stand.


  • Collect any stock you may have in our back-of-house storage and collate at your stand ready for collection on Sunday.

  • Complete the sticky label provided with your name, number, and who will be collecting it.

  • Any unclaimed stock will be shipped to an offsite storage facility for you to collect and you will be charged collection and storage costs.


Some of the most successful GABS exhibitors are the ones who have an ‘always-on’ game, theme, promotion or activity for punters to take part in.


Things to consider:

  • Duration of the activity or game, how many people will you be able to engage?

  • Is it fun for spectators to watch? Getting a crowd around to engage is a great way to attract attention.

  • Is it social media worthy? Think about how you can reach an audience beyond the event.


Not allowed:

  • No stickers, flyers or coasters.

  • Free alcohol cannot be given out as a prize due to the liquor licence restrictions.

  • ‘Take-away’ alcohol prizes cannot be given out during GABS. You can organise a delivery or a collection after the event if you’re planning a giveaway.


Exhibitors are permitted to supply two SKUs of merchandise to be sold from the GABS Merch Stand on consignment.

  • Let us know what items and at what prices you’d like to sell via the Phase 2 form.

  • Drop off merch during Move In between 11am - 5pm on Friday.

  • We recommend the following quantities with a variety of sizes:
    T-shirts - 30 - 40 units
    Hoodies, hats & miscellaneous (eg. bottle openers) - 20 units.

  • Collect any remaining merch at the end of Session 2 or on Sunday morning during Move Out. Uncollected merch will be shipped to the following event and you will need to organise and cover costs of collection.

  • Merch will only be accepted on Friday between 11am - 5pm. No merch will be accepted on Saturday.

  • You may bring a maximum of 40 units per item, excess stock will not be accepted.

  • You may not sell merch from your own stand, however you’re welcome to display items and direct attendees to the Merch Stand.



Move In

Friday 8 May, 9am - 7pm

  • Bump in access to BCEC is via Glenelg Street Entrance, Hall 4 Loading Dock.

  • On arrival, report to the Exhibitor Check In Desk located at the Loading Dock to sign in and collect your Welcome Pack.

  • Forklifts are available onsite to assist with unloading if required.

  • All staff must wear hi-vis safety vests and enclosed footwear during Move In. Please ensure to bring vests with you as you will not be able to enter the venue without hi-vis.

  • There will be a POS training session on Friday at 3.30pm which you’re required to attend if you’ve never used Square before.


Move Out

Sunday 10 May, 8am - 1pm

  • You may start packing up on Saturday night at the end of Session 2, once all attendees have left the building.

  • All beer sullage is to be disposed of in the water troughs. Do not pour waste down the toilets.

  • All exhibitors must dismantle and bump out their stands by 1pm Sunday.

  • It is essential that all stock is removed by the end of the Move Out period, including all empty kegs.

  • Any stock remaining onsite will be transported and stored offsite. It will be the exhibitor’s responsibility to collect and cover the cost of transport and storage.

  • All staff must wear hi-vis safety vests during Move Out. Please ensure to bring vests with you as you will not be able to enter the venue without hi-vis.


In the interests of Occupational Health and Safety, it is important that all exhibitors recognise that care must be taken during Move In and Move Out. 

Please ensure that you leave your site as you found it. Any costs incurred due to damage as a direct result of misuse by the exhibitor will be passed on.

Must Do

  • Hi-vis safety vests must be worn during Move In and Move Out.

  • Enclosed solid footwear should be worn at all times.

  • Aisleways must be kept clear at all times.

  • Remove your vehicle from the venue as soon as you have unloaded.

  • Only staff that have a specific need to be onsite are permitted.

  • All persons working at the event must have current appropriate licences for the work they perform.

  • Materials and fabric incorporated in a display (e.g. drapes, curtains etc.) must be applied with an approved fire retardant.

  • All accidents, injuries and ‘close calls’ must be reported to Julie Walsh.


Not Permitted

  • Under no circumstances are children (under the age of 16 years) allowed during Move In and Move Out.

  • No alcohol is to be consumed during Move In or Move Out.

  • Adhesives, glues, unapproved tapes, nails, screws, staples and other fixing materials are strictly prohibited and must not be used on any part of the venue.

  • Vehicles will not be allowed access until all attendees have vacated the venue once the event closes and all people in the venue are wearing hi-vis.


Security will operate 24/7 throughout the venue from the moment we have access to the venue to the end of our hire period. 

First Aid paramedics will be onsite located in the venue’s first aid room during session times. For first aid assistance during Move In and Out, onsite security guards have first aid training and can assist.



All alcohol must be sold in accordance with liquor licensing conditions listed below.


Service Times
Session 1: 11.30am - 4.15pm
Session 2:  6.30pm - 11.15pm

You may only start service once the opening bell is rung and cease at the closing bell.

Sizes & Pricing
Single 80mL taster: $2.50 minimum
Paddle (5x 80mL tasters): $11 minimum
Full Pour (285mL glass): $6.50 minimum

Beverages must be served in GABS glasses or taster cups provided. It attendees reuse their existing taster cups, you may offer them $1 off a paddle.

High ABV
10% - 14.9% ABV
beverages can only be served in half glass pours or 80mL tasters.
15% ABV or higher can only be served in 80mL tasters.

Responsible Service
Exhibitor representatives cannot serve anyone who appears intoxicated. Alert staff or security immediately if anyone appears intoxicated. 

RSA Requirements
All staff must be 18 or older and have a valid nationally accredited RSA Statement of Attainment. 

Exhibitor Support
You will receive a contact phone number for our Support Team in your Welcome Pack if you require any additional stock, ice or taster cups during the event.


No Free Drinks
Under no circumstances, and in accordance with our liquor licence, can free tasters or glasses of alcohol be given away.

No Take-Away Products
You may not sell any take-away products and all beverages must be poured into GABS glasses or taster cups.

No Drinking Behind The Bar
Exhibitor stand staff must not be drinking while working within the confines of their stand space. 

Staff Must Be Sober
Any exhibitor staff deemed intoxicated during GABS shall be subject to ejection. Exhibitor representatives should at all times conduct themselves with appropriate decorum.