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At the heart of the festival is the thriving GABS Marketplace, where breweries, cideries and related businesses strut their stuff. It’s a fantastic opportunity to talk directly with attendees and showcase your core range as well as new releases. Many exhibitors also schedule mini-events and activations, including tastings, games and competitions, which are promoted onsite and via the GABS Official App.

Please check out what’s new for 2018 exhibitors below, and we encourage all exhibitors to read our FAQs / Terms of Booking section below.





For the first time in GABS history, you can now choose your stand location on registration. Download the site maps below, choose a few options you’d like, and be ready to register on Wed 4 October to be sure you get your first pick! Please note some stands are held for sponsors (email if you’re interested in these), and site maps are subject to change. 


Want to take part in all three GABS events? Join us for the full tour and we’ll give you a 10% discount on your stands for Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. Just let us know in advance ( and we’ll give you a discount code to use on registration.


Every year GABS exhibitors go above and beyond to create incredible stand designs. This year, we want to recognise your awesomeness with the introduction of the GABS BEST IN SHOW AWARD. The exhibitor judged to have the most impressive and engaging stand in each city will win a FREE STAND of the same size at GABS 2019. If you’d like some pointers, download our guide to creating a kick ass stand here.


Want to take your GABS experience to the next level? We’re offering exhibitors some super sweet discounts on advertising opportunities within the GABS Official Guide, website, email and social channels. Download the media kit here and email if keen!




Join us for the full 'GABS Tour' with stands in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland and we'll give you a 10% discount code to use during registration.


FAQs & booking terms


General Info

  • + Who should consider exhibiting at GABS?

    • GABS is a consumer event that’s all about craft beer and cider, great food, education and entertainment. Our audience ranges from the ‘craft faithful’ to the ‘beer curious’. These are people who are open to new experiences, more adventurous than most, and believe in quality over quantity. GABS audiences are early adopters. They follow their passions rather than the crowd. And they’ll spend more on great products and experiences. If that sounds like someone you’d like to talk to, we’d love to see you there.

  • + How does the GABS Marketplace work?

    • Depending on the host city, the GABS Marketplace features up to 70 different exhibitors, arranged around the festival hall to maximise patronage. It’s an opportunity for attendees to meet and talk to brewers, cider makers, and representatives of other relevant businesses. This is a big part of the event experience, so we require all exhibitors to staff their own stands.

  • + Can I serve alcohol from my stand?

    • Yes, absolutely. Subject to the GABS Conditions of Alcohol Service below, you can sell and serve any of your beers or ciders directly from the stand in either an 85ml sample glass or in their 285ml GABS Souvenir Glass, using their Cashless Currency Wristband. If you are featuring a Festival Beer or Cider at GABS, you can also serve this from your stand.

    • We’ll provide you with the 85ml sample cups prior to Session 1, and replenish your stocks between sessions as required.

    • Please note that packaged ‘take away’ alcohol cannot be sold from your stand. In Australia, all exhibitors are invited to join the Dan Murphy’s Connections program to sell their range online for home delivery (more info on this below).

  • + Can I run ‘mini-events’ at my stand?

    • Yes, and we’d love you to get creative! GABS exhibitors can run special events during each session to attract and engage attendees and bring them to your stand. Exhibitors can schedule up to two special events at their stand per session, which GABS will add to the advertised Event Schedule and actively promote.

    • Previous exhibitors have run limited tasting sessions with the brewer, games where attendees can win merchandise or other prizes, blind tasting competitions and more. We recommend hosting nothing in the first hour or last 30 minutes of each session. Have a think about what you’d like to do, and we’ll ask you to submit info in February 2018.

  • + Can I exhibit at GABS without entering a Festival Beer or Cider?

    • Yes. Conversely you can also enter a Festival Beer or Cider without being an exhibitor. If you're interested in registering a Festival Beer or Cider, please click here.




  • + How much can alcohol be sold for?

    • Exhibitors selling alcohol must sell 85ml samples for a minimum of $2.50 each, and may charge anything from $6 to fill an official 285ml GABS Souvenir Glass.

  • + Can I sell merchandise from my stand?

    • Not directly from your stand. If you would like to sell branded merchandise at GABS, this can be sold on consignment at the Official GABS Merchandise Stand. GABS receives a 20% commission on all merchandise sales, and will return 80% of all exhibitor merchandise sales to the exhibitor as part of the Exhibitor Rebate.

  • + How does the Exhibitor Rebate system work?

    • All transactions at GABS are made using Cashless Currency Wristbands. Following each event, GABS will return 50% of each exhibitor’s stand sales, plus 80% of the exhibitor’s merchandise sales, back to the exhibitor (this is the Exhibitor Rebate).

  • + When will the Exhibitor Rebate be paid?

    • We will generate a Tax Invoice on behalf of each exhibitor, and pay the Exhibitor Rebate into the business’s nominated bank account within 28 days of the relevant event. Any account enquiries should be addressed to

  • + Tell me more about the Cashless Currency?

    • Each exhibitor will be given POS devices at no cost (two devices for 3x3m stands / four devices for 6x3m stands). Additional devices can be hired for $20 per device per day (deducted from rebate).

    • Training in how to use the POS devices will be provided onsite and it’s essential that all exhibitors attend. Further info will also be provided in the Exhibitor Manual.

    • The security of each POS device is the exhibitor’s responsibility, and charges will apply for any lost, stolen or damaged devices. Devices will be collected at the end of each session for data upload and at the end of each day for secure storage.

    • GABS Currency Wristbands will be the only way attendees can purchase food or beverages at the event. Wristbands can be purchased with a ticket in advance or inside the venue from roaming sellers or currency stands. Wristbands are only valid for GABS 2018 but refunds will be available online at the end of every session.




  • + What do I need to provide now to register?

    • Right now, all we need is your Exhibitor Stand payment and contact details. The registration link will be live from 12.00pm AEST / 2.00pm NZDT on Wednesday 4 October 2017. Last year, all stands for GABS Melbourne sold out in 48 hours with Sydney not far behind. Please don’t delay if you wish to confirm a booking.

    • Please note that registration is not complete until full payment has been received. GABS reserves the right to refuse registrations after payment has been received at our absolute discretion. For registrations that are not approved, the registration fee will be refunded in full, including the booking fee.

  • + And what do I need to provide later?

    • Should your registration be accepted, we’ll let you know as soon as all stands are confirmed. In early February 2018, we’ll send you a detailed Exhibitor Kit and ask you to submit further information about your exhibitor stand for use in our Official Guides and App (such as a brief description of your business, what products you’re selling at the stand, and any ‘mini-events’ you might be hosting at the stand). At that point, we’ll also ask for your banking details to allow us to pay your stand sales rebate. This information is required by no later than Friday 2 March 2018.

  • + What are the cancellation terms?

    • We understand that sometimes circumstances change and you may no longer be able to run your exhibitor stand at GABS. If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible to allow time for us to offer the space to the waiting list.

    • If you advise us of the cancellation prior to Friday 2 March 2018, a full refund of the stand fee will be provided. Due to production deadlines for our Guide and other marketing collateral, if the cancellation is made any time after Friday 2 March, no refund will be provided.

  • + I missed out! Is there a waiting list if someone cancels?

    • Absolutely. Just follow the registration link and select the ‘Waiting List’ option. Complete the registrations and we’ll be in touch should a space open up.

  • + Why can’t I purchase some stands?

    • A number of stands, including limited, premium spaces, have been reserved for existing and potential sponsors. To enquire about these, please email Craig Williams on



Stand Inclusions

  • + What’s included with the stand?

    • All stands are 3m deep.

    • The width (or frontage) of the various stands are:
      3m: Regular Stands & Central Aisle Stands
      6m: Feature Stands & Container End Stands

    • Each stand includes:
      - 2.4m high black back and 1m side support
      - 300w floodlight on arm
      - 4 amp power point
      - Fascia sign with your stand name fixed to the back wall
      - Trestle table(s) for the length of your stand (with black skirting)
      - Caterers mat flooring protection
      - Supply of 85ml sample cups
      - POS terminals for accepting payments
      - Tub for bottled beer or cider (if required)

    • We also provide:
      - Acceptance and chilled storage of stock
      - Two bags of complimentary ice for each 3x3m stand (or four bags for 6x3m stands) at the start of each event day. Additional ice available at cost throughout the event.

  • + What’s not included with the stand?

    • Stand set up and pack down. The GABS team will set up the stand inclusions as above, but it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to set up their own equipment, decorations and so on. A full bump in and bump out schedule will be provided with the Exhibitor Manual.

    • Additional furniture & decorations. If you have any special requirements such as additional furniture, equipment, lights or infrastructure for your stand, these can be booked directly through our exhibition builder. Contact details will be supplied in the Exhibitor Manual.

    • Tap systems. Exhibitors who want to offer tap beers must provide all equipment necessary for their own tap system. Please ensure your tap system flow rate is suitable for pouring into 85ml tasting cups. If not, pour tasters from your own jugs. If an exhibitor would like to offer tap beer but doesn’t own a system and is interested in renting one, we recommend the suppliers outlined here.

    • Please note that everything you have at your stand must be contained within your stand’s footprint.

  • + How about displays and promotional material?

    • Each exhibitor is provided a trestle table with a 2.4m high wall at the back of the stand for displays. All wall displays must be contained within the width of the stand booked and not higher than 2.4 metres. All promotion of products must be kept within the confines of the stand space provided.

    • Complimentary promotional items may be distributed to attendees, however, please note that stickers and coasters are not permitted. Should we have to remove any stickers from event or venue furnishings, the cost of such will be charged directly to the exhibitor. Coasters are not permitted as they can become missiles and endanger festival attendees.

    • If you have chosen to sell branded merchandise, this will be sold on consignment at the Official GABS Merchandise Stand (GABS receives a 20% commission). You may not sell merchandise at your stand.

    • If you have any questions regarding displays or promotional materials, please email



Exhibitor Passes

  • + What happens with the exhibitor passes for my staff?

    • All exhibitors will receive an allocation of exhibitor passes (as per the stand rates table above) applicable for all sessions. These will be linked to your POS devices so should only be given to people working on your stand.

    • If you have more people working on your stand than the allocation allows for, a limited number of additional exhibitor passes can be purchased for $25 each. These must be ordered no later than two weeks prior to each event. Please email to arrange these.

  • + Can I buy discount tickets?

    • If you would like to purchase additional tickets for staff or clients, you can purchase up to another six general admission tickets to a session of your choice for a discounted price of $25 each. A promotional code will be provided to allow you to purchase these. Please note these tickets will not be linked to your POS devices so cannot be used for your staff.



Further Info

  • + What are the key dates?

    • 4 Oct 2017 Registrations open. We will email all potential exhibitors with a link to our registration portal. Please note registrations are available on a first come, first served basis.

    • 1 Nov 2017 Registrations close (or until sold out). We’ll send a confirmation at this point.

    • 5 Feb 2018 Exhibitor Manual sent. This will include all key info for you to help plan your GABS stand. We’ll also ask you to submit further info for use in our guides and app (business name, beer menu, etc).

    • 2 Mar 2018 Exhibitor stand info required. Final deadline for exhibitors to submit info and key documents for their stands at all GABS events.

    • 23 Mar 2018 AUS tickets on sale. Tickets for GABS Melbourne & Sydney go on sale.

    • 20 Apr 2018 NZ tickets on sale. Tickets for GABS Auckland go on sale.

  • + Tell me more about ranging my beer online with Dan Murphy’s?

    • A proud partner of GABS Australia since its foundation, and the leading liquor retailer in Australia, Dan Murphy’s is delighted to invite all exhibiting breweries and cideries to sell their products via the Dan Murphy’s ‘Connections’ online sales platform. For more information, please visit Dan Murphy’s Connections hub here.

  • + GABS Conditions of Alcohol Service

    • If you are serving alcohol from your exhibitor stand, please read the following Conditions of Alcohol Service when planning and running your stand. Please note additional conditions may apply to specific events depending on local licensing requirements.

    • Licences & Permits. All alcohol must be sold in accordance with the specific licensing conditions in each city. In some cities, this may involve applying for an event liquor licence as well as an event catering permit. GABS will provide details and links for how to apply for the relevant temporary licences and the key dates involved as part of the GABS Exhibitor Manual.

    • Serving Conditions.

    • Melbourne & Sydney
      Any beers or ciders at 10% - 14.9% ABV can only be served in Half Glass pours or 85mL Tasters. Any beers at 15% ABV or higher can only be served in 85mL Tasters.

    • We will clearly mark these conditions in the Guide, and indicate that any high ABV beers will be served in tasters only. We will also provide you with signage to place at the stand to communicate this.

    • Auckland
      Any beers or ciders at 9% ABV or higher can only be served in 85mL Tasters.

    • If a patron is asking for a paddle of five tasters from your stand, only two of those beers or ciders can be 9% ABV and above. The others can be lower ABV drinks.

    • Also, there is no need for you to provide Duty Managers at the stand. We will have Duty Managers on site.

    • We will clearly mark these conditions in the Guide, and indicate that any high ABV beers will be served in tasters only. We will also provide you with signage to place at the stand to communicate this.

    • Service Staff. Only state-specific accredited servers may serve alcohol at stands. It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure compliance with local certification requirements and operating practices.

    • Stand Staff & Representatives. All exhibitor stand staff or other representatives must be over 18 years of age. Exhibitor stand staff must be sober while working within the confines of their stand space. Any exhibitor staff deemed intoxicated during GABS shall be subject to ejection. Exhibitor representatives should at all times conduct themselves with appropriate decorum.

    • Glassware. Beer or cider may be poured from either your own tap system, bottles or cans into the 285ml GABS Souvenir Glasses or the 85ml tasting cups provided. No other glassware is allowed. 85ml samples may only be poured into the tasting cups supplied and not into the souvenir glass. No packaged beer or cider may be sold at any time.

    • Sales. 85ml samples must be sold for a minimum of $2.50 but 285ml Souvenir Glass fills may be sold for anything from $6 upwards. Under no circumstances may an exhibitor provide free samples or glasses of beer or cider. All alcohol must be purchased via the official GABS Cashless Currency payment system. No cash sales are allowed.

    • Responsible Service. Exhibitor representatives cannot serve any customer who appears intoxicated. Alert GABS staff or security personnel immediately if anyone appears intoxicated.