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Thanks for joining us at GABS 2018! We’ve got a lot in store to make this the biggest GABS yet, and we’re thrilled that you’ll be part of the fun. 

Everything you need to know is outlined in the FAQs below, and if there is something you can’t find, please give Craig a call on +61 413 463 731 or email

Please note that all exhibitors should have received a confirmation email with their stand numbers and other specific information. If you have not received this, please contact Craig and we will resend this.



Key Contacts


    • For all general enquiries about your GABS experience, please contact your friendly event team.

    • Craig Williams
      Event Director
      +61 413 463 731

    • Ruta Marcinkus
      Event Manager
      +61 426 276 739


    • If you have any questions about your exhibitor stand build, packdown, stock deliveries, signage and so on, please call or email Julie Walsh from Melbourne Event Resources.

    • Julie Walsh
      +61 402 621 544


    • For our Australian events, we work with Harry The Hirer as our stand build, A/V and rigging partner. If you need additional furniture, equipment, lights or infrastructure for your stand, please liaise directly with our key contacts below. Alternatively, you can order online via Harry The Hirer’s GABS portal here (MEL) or here (SYD).

      Lexie Bova
      +61 478 478 075

      Stefanie Fereiro
      +61 425 781 170

    • In Auckland, our fantastic partners at Exhibition Hire and Show Light & Power can assist you with any additional furniture, equipment hire, signage, lighting, power or infrastructure needs that you may require.

      Annie Lister
      +64 27 223 0020
      Get in touch with Annie or order via online portal here

      Reuben Mansfield
      +64 21 810 210
      Get in touch with Reuben or order via form here



Site Maps



New In 2018

    Presented by The Crafty Pint & Event Box Productions

    • Every year GABS exhibitors go above and beyond to create incredible stand designs. This year, we want to recognise your awesomeness with the introduction of the GABS BEST IN SHOW AWARD. Judged by a handpicked panel of experts selected by The Crafty Pint, the exhibitor judged to have the most impressive and engaging stand in each city will win a FREE STAND of the same size at GABS 2019 PLUS (for Melbourne & Sydney exhibitors) a $5,000 credit towards a custom stand design and build from event design specialists Event Box Productions. If you’d like some pointers, download our guide to creating a kick ass stand here.

    Your office away from the office.

    • It's 3pm Saturday at GABS. You’re tired. Your feet are sore. Your phone’s down to 3%. And the session is only half way over. Introducing the Kegstar Brewers Lounge, an oasis of calm amongst the GABSian madness. A private retreat where exhibitors can sit down, grab a much-needed coffee (or beer), check emails and charge their devices. Get a bite to eat, meet with the team, check in with the home office, call your Mum. Ok, maybe Mum can wait. Featuring such creature comforts as padded furniture, bar fridge, refreshments, WiFi, charging stations and USB ports, consider this your ‘safe haven’ at GABS 2018. Brought to you by the legends at Kegstar.


    • In both Melbourne and Sydney, please note we have changed the afternoon session times to run from 11.30am - 4.30pm. In Melbourne, the evening sessions will continue to run from 6.30pm - 11.30pm while in Sydney, the evening session will run from 6.00pm - 11.00pm (to allow attendees to access more return trains).




Permits & Licences

  • + GABS Melbourne Permits & Licenses

    • LIQUOR LICENCE. Under the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) rules, every exhibitor selling alcohol at GABS Melbourne is required to have its own liquor license to do so. Please complete the pre-filled application form here (ensuring you add credit card details on page 8 and your business details) and upload via the Phase 1 form or email to by Fri 23 March. Please note there is a cost of $142.10 for this application which will be charged to your credit card. We will collate all applications and submit them to VCGLR as part of our master licence, then print all granted licences from VCGLR and have them available at the exhibitor check in desk during Move In. You will not be allowed to sell alcohol at your stand unless you have received your licence and have this clearly on display.

    • RSA STAFF. All staff serving alcohol at GABS Melbourne are required to have a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate issued in Victoria. Further information on acceptable certification and how to go about obtaining or renewing RSAs can be found by clicking here. Please ensure you have a copy of your team’s RSA certificates available at the stand.

    • FOOD PERMIT (STREATRADER). In Melbourne, beer and cider is classified as ‘food’ and as such exhibitors are required to register a Statement of Trade in order to serve it. The GABS Melbourne event details are listed in Streatrader, the City of Melbourne’s online registration platform. For more info on how to lodge a Statement of Trade, click here. Please upload your Statement of Trade via the Phase 1 form or email to by Fri 23 March.

    • PL INSURANCE. Upload a PDF of your Public Liability certificate of currency (minimum $10m) via the Phase 1 form or email to by Fri 23 March. Please ensure you advise your underwriter of the dates and location(s) of GABS to receive an endorsement that your present policy covers this event.

    • VENUE INDUCTION. At least one exhibitor representative is required to complete the Royal Exhibition Building venue induction to gain access to the venue. If you have completed the induction in 2017, you can login to your account and download your previous certificate. If new to the event, please complete the induction and tick that you have done so in the Phase 1 form by Fri 23 March. Click here to get started.

  • + GABS Sydney Permits & Licenses

    • RSA STAFF. All staff serving alcohol at GABS Sydney are required to have a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate issued in NSW. Further information on acceptable certification and how to go about obtaining or renewing RSAs can be found by clicking here. Please ensure you have a copy of your team’s RSA certificates available at the stand.

    • FOOD PERMIT (CITY OF PARRAMATTA). In Sydney, beer and cider is classified as ‘food’ and as such exhibitors are required to complete a Temporary Food Outlet form in order to serve it. Please complete the form here and email to (copying by Fri 23 March. Please note there is a cost of $94.50 for this application which will be invoiced to you by City of Parramatta.

    • PL INSURANCE. Upload a PDF of your Public Liability certificate of currency (minimum $10m) via the Phase 1 form or email to by Fri 23 March. Please ensure you advise your underwriter of the dates and location(s) of GABS to receive an endorsement that your present policy covers this event.

  • + GABS Auckland Permits & Licenses

    • DUTY MANAGERS. All stands serving alcohol at GABS Auckland will operate under our umbrella liquor licence. GABS will have qualified Duty Managers roving onsite to oversee exhibitor compliance with liquor licensing rules. All exhibitors serving alcohol at stands are required to follow the GABS Duty Managers’ instructions. Licensing Police will be present at the event and GABS reserves the right to cease an exhibitor’s operations for any breach of liquor licence regulations.

    • VENUE INDUCTION. At least one exhibitor representative is required to complete the ASB Showgrounds venue induction form to gain access to the venue. Please download the form here, and upload via the Phase 1 form or email to by Fri 23 March.

    • GLOWNET AGREEMENT. Each GABS Auckland exhibitor must sign and return a Glownet Vendor Agreement. This can be downloaded here. Please sign and upload via the Phase 1 form or email to by Fri 23 March.



Stock Management

  • + How much stock do I need?

    • Depending on the size and popularity of your stand, your stock requirements may differ. Some of the bigger 6x3m exhibitors (such as Garage Project or Pirate Life) can serve as much as 8-10 kegs over the course of an event, while newer breweries at smaller stands might serve 2-3 kegs. Always safer to slightly overestimate than be caught short.

  • + When and where do I deliver stock?

    • All stock for your stand must be delivered to the venue during the specified STOCK DELIVERY times outlined in the table above. Please address your stock to the DELIVERY ADDRESS in the table.

      You do not have to be onsite to receive your stock. Clearly label your stock including your company name, stand name and product name, and this will be stored in cooled (not refrigerated) storage. 

      Four weeks prior to the event, we will send you our Phase 2 form, where you will need to advise your initial stock order for the first day’s trading (in Melbourne), or starting stock (in Sydney & Auckland). This will be picked and brought to your stand before the event commences.



Stand Inclusions

  • + What’s included with the stand?

    • Stands are either 3x3m or 6x3m.

    • Each stand includes: 
      - 2.4m high black back and 1m side support (velcro receptive walls)
      - 300w floodlight on arm
      - 4 amp power point (or two power points for 6x3m stands)
      - Fascia sign with your stand name fixed to the back wall (if required)
      - Trestle table(s) for the length of your stand with black skirting (if required)
      - Carpet tile flooring protection
      - Hand wash kit
      - Supply of 85mL sample cups
      - POS terminals: Square tablets (MEL & SYD) / Glownet scanners (AKL) 
      - Tub for bottled beer or cider (if required)

    • We also provide:
      - Acceptance and chilled storage of stock (please note stock is not refrigerated)
      - Two bags of complimentary ice for each 3x3m stand (or four bags for 6x3m stands) at the start of each event day. Additional ice available at cost throughout the event.

  • + What’s not included with the stand?

    • Stand set up and pack down. The GABS team will set up the stand inclusions as above, but it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to set up their own equipment, decorations and so on, as per the times above.

    • Additional furniture & decorations. If you have any special requirements such as additional furniture, equipment, lights or infrastructure for your stand, these can be booked directly through our exhibition builder (contacts above). Please note that everything you have at your stand must be contained within your stand’s footprint.

    • Tap systems. Exhibitors who want to offer tap beers or ciders must provide all equipment necessary for their own tap system. Please ensure your tap system flow rate is suitable for pouring into 85ml tasting cups. If not, pour tasters from your own jugs. If an exhibitor would like to offer tap beer but doesn’t own a system and is interested in renting one, here are our recommended suppliers.

  • + Electrical equipment & power?

    • Your stand will include one 4 amp power point (or two if you have a 6x3m stand). For additional power requirements, please contact the appropriate POWER & LIGHTING contact as outlined above. Please note that the use of double adapters is strictly prohibited.

    • All electrical equipment including appliances, leads and power boards, must be tested and tagged with current labels.

    • Any equipment found without current labels must be removed from the building. Testing & Tagging personnel will be onsite during Move In to check compliance and provide assistance.



Stand Design Restrictions

  • + Displays and promotional material?

    • Each exhibitor is provided a trestle table (on request) with a 2.4m high wall at the back of the stand for displays. All wall displays must be contained within the width of the stand booked and not higher than 2.4 metres. Signage can be erected above the height of the wall provided it is adequately weighted and secured. All promotion of products must be kept within the confines of the stand space provided.

    • Complimentary promotional items may be distributed to attendees, however, please note that stickers and coasters are not permitted. Should we have to remove any stickers from event or venue furnishings, the cost of such will be charged directly to the exhibitor. Coasters are not permitted as they can become missiles and endanger festival attendees.

    • If you have chosen to sell branded merchandise, this will be sold on consignment at the Official GABS Merchandise Stand (GABS receives a 20% commission). You may not sell merchandise at your stand. 

    • If you have any questions regarding displays or promotional materials, please contact Julie Walsh +61 402 621 544 or

  • + Tapes, adhesives and general venue protection?

    • Please ensure that you leave your site as you found it. GABS provides flooring protection to ensure your safety and protect the floor. Any costs incurred due to flooring damage as a direct result of misuse by the exhibitor will be passed on. Please take care when bringing trolleys in and out of the building (check wheels for stones and so on).

    • Adhesives, glues, unapproved tapes, nails, screws, staples and other fixing materials are strictly prohibited and must not be used on any part of the venue, including the fixtures, fittings or any provided equipment. Tenacious tape is permitted for use on the floor only. This tape must be removed from the surface area of the floor prior to the end of the Move Out period. Any tape, tape residue, paint or stains left on the floors will be removed at the exhibitor’s cost.



Custom Stand Builds

  • + What’s involved if I want to do a ‘custom build’? 

    • As an exhibitor, you are very welcome to use your allocated space to create, well, whatever you like! But we need to know what you’re planning as there are things like floor loading, move in times, and other things to consider. If you’re thinking of something outside of the ordinary, please contact Julie Walsh on +61 402 621 544 or to discuss. 

    • Please note that materials used in stand construction and decoration must not be readily ignitable or be capable of emitting toxic fumes should ignition occur. Materials and fabric incorporated in a display (e.g. drapes, curtains etc.) must be applied with an approved fire retardant.

    • If you’re looking for a fantastic custom build designer, we can highly recommend Event Box Productions. They’re very familiar with GABS and have a build pedigree across all ranges and scales. Get in touch to discuss the best solution for your budget and brand goals via

    • Please note that everything you have at your stand must be contained within your stand’s footprint.





Exhibitor Move In & Move Out

  • + What do I need to know and bring for the Exhibitor Move In period?

    • All exhibitors must set up their stand during the EXHIBITOR MOVE IN times specified in the table above.

    • On arrival at the venue, please report to the Exhibitor Check In desk at the main entrance, where you will be given a welcome pack and two complimentary hi-vis vests. Additional hi-vis vests can be purchased for $10 subject to availability, or you are welcome to bring your own. All staff must wear hi-vis fluorescent safety vests.

    • There will be complimentary forklifts available onsite to assist with stock unloading if required. Please register your forklift requirements on arrival with our loading dock personnel.

  • + What do I need to know for the Exhibitor Move Out period?

    • All exhibitors must dismantle and bump out their stands and all stock during the EXHIBITOR MOVE OUT periods specified in the table above. It is essential that all stock is removed by the end of the Move Out period.

    • It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to coordinate the pack up, labelling and removal of stock from stands and storage. Any stock remaining onsite after will be transported and stored offsite. It will be the exhibitors’ responsibility to collect the stock and cover the cost of transport and storage.

  • + Is there parking available?

    • MELBOURNE. Exhibitors can park in the Southern Drive car park at no cost. On event days, exhibitors can park in the Museum car park for a reduced rate of $20 per vehicle using a paper pass. These passes can be collected at Exhibitor Check In during the Move In period, and will be reconciled as part of the Exhibitor Rebate.

    • SYDNEY. Exhibitors can access discount parking at Sydney Showground for $10 per car (down from $25). Discount parking must be arranged via the Sydney Showground Exhibitor Services portal by two weeks before the event. To arrange this, click here to access the portal, select your event (GABS 2018), enter your Business Name in the ‘Stand Number’ field, select your parking options, add to cart and pay. If you experience any problems or would like to speak directly with an Venue Services staff member please call +61 2 9704 1265 or

    • AUCKLAND. Exhibitor parking is available during Move In and Move Out in the Arena or Logan Campbell Car Park at no cost. On event days, parking is charged at $10 per vehicle.

  • + What are the Occupational Health & Safety rules?

    • In the interests of Occupational Health and Safety, it is important that all exhibitors recognise that care must be taken during Move In and Move Out. We request that you adhere to the following basic safety requirements below.

    • Under no circumstances are children (under the age of 16 years) allowed in the venue during Move In or Move Out.

    • Enclosed solid footwear should be worn at all times.

    • Aisleways must be kept clear at all times.

    • Remove your vehicle from the move in access areas as soon as you have unloaded. 

    • Only staff that have a specific need to be on site should be on site during this time.

    • All accidents, injuries and ‘close calls’ must be reported to Julie Walsh (contact details above).

    • All persons working at the event must have the current, appropriate licences for the work they perform.

    • Vehicles will not be permitted to access the venue until all pedestrians have left the grounds at the conclusion of the event.

    • Hi-vis safety vests must be worn during Move In and Move Out.



Point Of Sale

  • + How do the cashless currency systems work?

    • GABS is a 100% cashless event. All purchases can only be made using our cashless payment systems. 

    • In Melbourne and Sydney, we are delighted to partner with Square to manage all payments at GABS Melbourne and Sydney. Square provides a very simple-to-use paywave system where punters will use their own credit cards. Please watch this short video for an example of how it works.

    • In Auckland, we will again be working with Glownet to manage all payments via RFID wristbands and POS scanners. Please review the Glownet Training Guide here if unfamiliar with this system.

  • + How do I set up my POS menus?

    • In your Phase 2 form sent out four weeks before each event, you’ll nominate your products and price points for your point-of-sale menu (see ‘Selling Alcohol’ section for more info). Your POS will be set up in advance of the event with those menu items.

    • Each Exhibitor Stand will have an allocation of one or two POS devices set up at their stands (depending on stand size). In Melbourne and Sydney, these will be tablets. In Auckland, these will be Glownet scanners. Training in how to use the system will be provided onsite and it’s essential that all exhibitors attend (see times above).

    • During the event, the security of each POS device is the exhibitor’s responsibility, and charges will apply for any lost, stolen or damaged devices.



Selling Alcohol From Your Stand

  • + What can I sell from my stand?

    • Subject to the GABS Conditions of Alcohol Service below, you can sell and serve any of your beers or ciders directly from the stand in either an 85mL sample glass or 285mL GABS Souvenir Glass (provided to all patrons on arrival). You may also offer a Tasting Paddle of 5 x 85mL samples (using the GABS tasting paddles). Alcohol cannot be served directly in cans or bottles. There is no limit to how many different products can be sold at your stand.

  • + What can I charge for my products?

    • All 85mL samples must be sold for a minimum of $2.50 each.

    • A Tasting Paddle of 5 x 85mL Samples can be sold for a minimum of $11.50.

    • All 285mL GABS Souvenir Glass fills may be sold for any price from $6 upward.

    • In our Phase 2 form, which we’ll send out a month before each event, you’ll need to tell us what products you’re serving and at what price point for each serving size.

  • + What are the restrictions on high ABV beers or ciders?

    • Higher ABV beers (above 10%) will be restricted to being served in Half Glasses or 85mL tasters only due to licensing restrictions, as below.

    • Melbourne & Sydney
      Any beers or ciders at 10% - 14.9% ABV can only be served in Half Glass pours or 85mL Tasters. Any beers at 15% ABV or higher can only be served in 85mL Tasters.

    • Auckland
      Any beers or ciders at 9% ABV or higher can only be served in 85mL Tasters. If a patron is asking for a paddle of five tasters from your stand, only two of those beers or ciders can be 9% ABV and above. The others can be lower ABV drinks.

  • + Can I serve my Festival Beer or Cider at my stand?

    • If you are featuring a Festival Beer or Cider at GABS, you can also serve this from your stand. Stock provision for your stand will need to be in addition to the kegs that GABS has already ordered and must be delivered along with the rest of your stand stock.

    • We will provide you with a link to our pricing for your GABS Festival Beer or Cider. Ideally, from a consumer experience perspective, we would recommend you match this price at your stand.

  • + Where do I get the taster cups from?

    • We’ll provide you with an allocation of 85mL sample cups prior to Session 1, and replenish your stocks between sessions as required (see stock replenishment question).

  • + Can I give away free beer or cider?

    • Under no circumstances, and in accordance with our liquor licences, can free samples or glasses of alcohol be given away. Our staff will be monitoring stand sales and will penalise any exhibitor giving away product.

  • + Can I sell ‘take-away’ product?

    • Packaged ‘take away’ alcohol cannot be sold from your stand under any circumstances.

    • In Australia, all exhibitors are invited to join the Dan Murphy’s Connections program to sell their range online for home delivery (more info on this below).

  • + What are the GABS Conditions of Alcohol Service?

    • If you are serving alcohol from your exhibitor stand, please read the following Conditions of Alcohol Service when planning and running your stand. Please note additional conditions may apply to specific events depending on local licensing requirements.

    • Licences & Permits. All alcohol must be sold in accordance with the specific licensing conditions in each city. In some cities, this may involve applying for an event liquor licence as well as an event catering permit as outlined on this page.

    • RSA Requirements. In Melbourne and Sydney, only state-specific accredited servers may serve alcohol at stands. It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure compliance with local certification requirements and operating practices. In Auckland, GABS will arrange for accredited Duty Managers to oversee all stands. Exhibitors do not need to have a Duty Manager behind the bar.

    • Stand Staff & Representatives. All exhibitor stand staff or other representatives must be over 18 years of age. Exhibitor stand staff must be sober while working within the confines of their stand space. Any exhibitor staff deemed intoxicated during GABS shall be subject to ejection. Exhibitor representatives should at all times conduct themselves with appropriate decorum.

    • Service Times. All alcohol sales must cease 15 minutes prior to the end of each session. It is vital that all exhibitors adhere strictly to this license regulation. Any exhibitors found to be in breach will not be invited back again and/or asked to leave.

    • Glassware. Beer or cider may be poured from either your own tap system, bottles or cans into the 285mL GABS Souvenir Glasses or the 85mL tasting cups provided. No other glassware is allowed. 85mL samples may only be poured into the tasting cups supplied and not into the Souvenir Glass. No packaged beer or cider may be sold at any time.

    • Pricing. 85mL samples must be sold for a minimum of $2.50 but 285mL Souvenir Glass fills may be sold for anything from $6 upwards. A Tasting Paddle of 5 x 85mL samples may be sold for $11.50. Under no circumstances may an exhibitor provide free samples or glasses of beer or cider. All alcohol must be purchased via the official GABS cashless currency payment system. No cash sales are allowed.

    • Responsible Service. Exhibitor representatives cannot serve any customer who appears intoxicated. Alert GABS staff or security personnel immediately if anyone appears intoxicated.



Selling Merchandise

  • + Can I sell merchandise from my stand?

    • Exhibitors are permitted to supply two pieces of merchandise to be sold from the GABS Merchandise Stand, staffed by GABS personnel, on consignment. Items must be submitted via the Phase 2 form and GABS will not accept stock on the day that has not been previously advised.

    • Merchandise must be delivered to the venue before 5pm on the Exhibitor Move In day where it will be counted and signed in. Merchandise will not be accepted on the event days.

    • Unsold merchandise must be collected by exhibitors at the conclusion of the final session. Please allow the Merch staff time to conduct a stocktake.

    • Merchandise may be displayed on your stand to assist with the sales process. GABS will rebate 80% of the value of merchandise sales to the Exhibitor.

    • As an example of quantity, if you’re selling a t-shirt in Melbourne & Sydney, we would suggest around 20 units across normal size breaks.



Exhibitor Support

  • + What happens with ice and stock replenishment?

    • Two bags of complimentary ice will be provided at the start of each event day. Additional ice is available for $1.50 per 5kg bag (subject to availability). To manage quantity, GABS will send a Phase 2 form four weeks before each event to pre-order your required quantities of ice, and payments will be reconciled in the Exhibitor Rebate.

    • In the Phase 2 form, you can also place your ‘first session order’ to let us know what stock (kegs / packaged beer or cider) you want delivered to your stand for the first day’s trading.

    • During the events, all stock will be kept in cooled (not refrigerated) storage outside the venues. If you need to order additional stock during a session, this can be done via a quick text message to our Exhibitor Support team (the number will be in your welcome pack given at the event).

    • At the end of each day’s trading (in Melbourne), you’ll be given a simple form to order your starting stock for the next day’s, which will be delivered to your stand the next morning.

  • + Will there be wash facilities?

    • It is a food safety handling requirement to have hand wash facilities on each stand. GABS will supply a water bladder, bucket, paper towel and soap to ensure that each stand is compliant. Exhibitors who have packaged beer only (i.e. no kegs) will only be required to have waterless hand sanitiser.

  • + Will there be First Aid onsite?

    • First Aid paramedics will be onsite located in the venue’s first aid room during the session times. For first aid assistance during other times, onsite security guards have first aid training and can render assistance.

  • + Will there be Security onsite?

    • Security will operate 24/7 throughout the venue from the moment we have access to the venue to end of our hire period. Please alert GABS staff or security personnel immediately if anyone appears intoxicated during the sessions.



Staff Management

  • + What happens with exhibitor passes?

    • All exhibitors will receive an allocation of exhibitor passes for staff working on their stand as below. We will email these to you (as Eventbrite tickets) four weeks prior to each event. We recommend you print these out and distribute them to your stand staff.

    • - 3x3m stands: 4 x exhibitor passes for each day of trading

    • - 6x3m stands: 8 x exhibitor passes for each day of trading

    • - Up to 4 additional exhibitor passes can be purchased for $25 each

    • Please note that in Melbourne (held over multiple days), you will receive passes for each full day of trading (eg. Friday Crew Pass / Saturday Crew Pass). While this means you will need to have your staff scan each day’s ticket, it gives you the flexibility to have different staff working on different days. If additional staff passes are required, these can be purchased at a reduced rate of $25 each. You’ll be sent a unique code to purchase these online.

    • Exhibitor wristbands must be worn at all times during each event.

  • + Is there a separate staff entry to the event?

    • In Melbourne, there is a separate Crew Entrance to the left of Door 1 (off Nicholson Street). In Sydney and Auckland, there will be a dedicated entry lane for Crew and Season Pass holders.

    • Your staff will need to have their ‘Exhibitor Pass’ ticket for that day (as per above) to gain entry and will then be given a Crew wristband for that day to allow them in and out as required.

  • + What’s this I hear about an exhibitor lounge?

    • Introducing the Kegstar Brewers Lounge. An oasis amongst the madness. If you need a break, want to charge a phone or send an email, maybe a beer and a snack, head to the Lounge for your home away from home. Your Crew Pass wristband will also allow you entry into the Kegstar Brewers Lounge throughout each festival. See the site maps (links above) for the location in each venue.



Games & Activations

  • + What sort of games / activities can I run from my stand?

    • Some of the most successful GABS exhibitors are the ones who have an ‘always-on’ game, promotion or activity for punters to take part in. Consider activities that can be played quickly, are fun for spectators to watch, and even share on social media. And if you can align the promotion with your brand and products, even better! We have loads of ideas if you’d like to discuss… just drop us a line at and Craig or Ruta will come back to you.

    • In your Phase 2 form, we’ll ask you to give us more info about what you’re planning so we can promote this in our app and social media.





Exhibitor Rebate

  • + How does the Exhibitor Rebate work?

    • All transactions at GABS are made using cashless currency. Following each event, GABS will return 50% of each exhibitor’s stand sales, plus 80% of the exhibitor’s merchandise sales, back to the exhibitor (this is the Exhibitor Rebate).

  • + When will the Exhibitor Rebate be paid?

    • We will generate a Tax Invoice on behalf of each exhibitor, and pay the Exhibitor Rebate into the business’s nominated bank account within 28 days of the relevant event. Any account enquiries should be addressed to



Additional Benefits

  • + Can I buy discount General Admission tickets?

    • If you would like to purchase additional General Admission tickets for staff or clients, you can purchase up to another six general admission tickets to a session of your choice for a discounted price of $25 each. A promotional code will be sent to you four weeks prior to each event to allow you to purchase these.

  • + Are there any discounted advertising opportunities?

    • Want to take your GABS experience to the next level? We’re offering exhibitors some super sweet discounts on advertising opportunities within the GABS Official Guide, website, email and social channels. Download the media kit here and email if keen!

  • + How can I range my beer or cider online with Dan Murphy’s?

    • A proud partner of GABS Australia since its foundation, and the leading liquor retailer in Australia, Dan Murphy’s is delighted to invite all exhibiting breweries and cideries to sell their products via the Dan Murphy’s ‘Connections’ online sales platform. For more information, please visit Dan Murphy’s Connections hub here.

  • + How can I range my beer or cider with Liquorland New Zealand?

    • An integral partner of our GABS Auckland event, Liquorland is a huge supporter of the New Zealand craft beer and cider industry. To find out more about ranging your products through Liquorland’s network of 100+ stores, please contact Liquorland’s Merchandise Manager, Peter Dudfield, on +64 9 6210671 or